Tomaszów Mazowiecki and surroundings

              Tomaszów Mazowiecki is the town in centre of Poland where tourists both from our country and from abroad are always welcome. Convenient location and well-developed transport enable tourists to arrive even from the most faraway corners. The town is famous not only for sport.

              Surroundings of Ice Arena attract tourists because of natural beauty. It can be said that forests in Spała Landscape Park are the green lungs of this region. Niebieskie Źródła Nature Reserve, which lies in the Pilica Valley, causes that Tomaszów stands out from other places. It has been created to protect underground springs that have blueish colour. The reserve is refugium for many species of birds. Depending on weather conditions we can see various shades of green sand. Water that flows out from calcareous springs absorbs red rays and reflects blue and green rays from the bottom. Consequently, we can observe various hues of green colour.

                Nearby there is the open-air museum of the Pilica River which is the first museum of this kind in Poland that presents environment of this river. We can observe here objects that are unique not only because of their history but also architecture. Exhibit items are selected into units: “Water flour-milling in the Pilica river-basin”, “War trophies of Pilica”, “The axis of Pilica”, “Mementos from the past time of Spała” and “Folk rowing and boatbuilding”. (source: More information on Webpage:

               „Tomaszowska Okrąglica” ( includes among others The Underground Tourist Route „Groty Nagórzyckie” which length is approximately 160 m. During the sightseeing walk in the illuminated underground we can observe exhibitions devoted to history and listen the legends about this place. There are also dummies of miners and the devil from Nagórzyce. (source:

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               On Pilica River there was made artificial lake – Sulejowski Reservoir. Everyone can take a rest in an active way there. In summer tourists can hire kayaks and pedal boats, try kitesurfing, etc. This place is very attractive for the lovers of water activities.

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               In the forested area there is one of the most prestigious Olympic preparation and sport centres. Central Sport Centre in Spała (COS) is complex where many athletes and sport champions train and prepare to competitions. The National Team in Speedskating also is training there to the next season. Favourable atmosphere and variety of sports equipment meet expectations of even demanding guests. Furthermore, in the centre competitors can regenerate after intensive preparations (

Surroundings of Tomaszów Mazowiecki have complex web of tourists’ routes and bike paths.

  • bike paths in the town that lead to the main tourists’ attractions: Open-Air Museum of Pilica River, Groty Nagórzyckie, Blue Springs Nature Reserve and the centre of town.
  • 11.7 kilometres of bike paths within Tomaszów district that lead to Spała and very soon bike path of 7 km to Inowłódz,
  • International Cycling Race “Route the fights, Major Hubal” which has a long-standing history and tradition – for the first time it was held in 2000 and originated by Andrzej Sypytkowski, who is the main organiser and the silver medallist of Olympic Games in Seoul,
  • International Race of Solidarity and Olympics – the Polish stage race which is a part of continental circuits of road bicycle racing competitions, UCI Europe Tour.


1st birthday of the Arena Lodowa

1st birthday of the Arena Lodowa

What does the world say about ISU World Cup in Tomaszów Mazowiecki?

Happy Birthday, Ice Arena!


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