ISU World Cup Speed Skating starts in two days

For the third time in Poland, which has come back to the calendar after 19 years of absence.

We are waiting for the best speed skaters in the world. We are prepared well for their competition in Tomaszów Mazowiecki – President of the Arena Lodowa, Mr Roman Derks ensured. The event is scheduled to begin on Friday, Speed Skating World Cup is going to take place for the third time in Poland, which has come back to the calendar after 19 years of absence. Tomaszów Mazowiecki with the only indoors speed skating rink in the country will be a host of the event for the first time. So far Polish Championships and Juniors events of international range, including Junior Short Track World Championships were held at the venue that was opened last year.

- Right now we are waiting for the world's top speed skaters. Our Arena went through trial last weekend during Juniors World Cup. So far we are receiving only positive feedback, and hopefully it stays that way. Besides, majority of seniors national teams is practising at the Arena already, and they have no negative opinions regarding the infrastructure and the ice - Told Polish Press Agency Mr Roman Derks, who was the head of Polish Speed Skating Association until recently. Over 200 athletes from over 30 countries is supposed to participate in fight for the points in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, with world record holder, e.g. On 1500 meters distance – Russia's Denis Juskow, on 500 meters his countryman Paweł Kuliżnikow, or on 10 kilometers – Dutch Ted-Jan Bloemen. National Team of 16 skaters, including i.a. Zbigniew Bródka and Natalia Czerwonka is going to be representing the host country. Derks ensures that all athletes are going to be competing on a well prepared, fast ice surface. - Former skaters are working on it. At this moment, we have the ice surface on the highest international level, and there's nothing to complain about it. It shines all the time like a mirror, and with this being said, we are expecting an inflated results. He adds that 2500 spectators will be able to watch the competition every day. Tickets are still on sale at the desk of the Arena, we are expecting to fill the whole venue – President of the Arena admitted.

Athletes are going to be accommodated mostly in The Olympic Centre in Spała.

Mayor of the city Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Mr Marcin Witko is not hiding happiness from the fact that the city is going to be hosting the best speed skaters in the World. We are glad that the Arena Lodowa is a source of positive energy, and good marketing load for our city. It strenghtens our belief that the investition was a good idea. We are happy that top skaters in the World are coming to our town not only because of such an event, but also more often to hold their practices at the venue. It's an evidence of its ice being good quality and best conditions prevailing there – he told Polish Press Agency.

More information here: www.pzls.pl


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