„I Love Skates” contest settled

We have a new logotype of this year's Polish Speed Skating Championships.

It was created by the students from class VI B of Primary School in Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Their logotype was found the best one in the contest „I Love Skates” organized by Luiza Złotkowska, one of the best Polish skaters. New Logotype is the best project submitted to the contest, in which the students of primary schools could create their own graphic design for this year's Polish Speed Skating Championships. Besides the prize of the logotype being used as an official symbol of the Championships, the winning class will travel to Central Olympic Center between December 21st and December 23rd to take part in skating workshops led by Luiza Złotkowska, and in athletic workshops led by a promiment athlete – Joanna Jóźwik, multiple medalist of Polish Championships and bronze medalist of European Championships. Students will have a chance to see Polish Championships live, and receive t-shirts with their own logotype. Several-person jury has unanimously chosen the winning logotype, so there was no doubt about the choice, but for me the fact that skating can be a passion and an inspiration for many young people is what counts – Luiza Złotkowska, organizer of the conest says.

- The more I'm going to see those young people taking part in sports practises and competitions that are prizes in this contest. Besides the winning class, the discinctions were: VI and VIII class from Public Catholic Primary School in Tarnobrzeg, Students from class Va, VII, VIIa of Educational-Revalidational Schools Unit in Grudziądz. Those student are going to take part in sports workshops led by Luiza Złotkowska in their schools.

Additional distinction was received by Primary School Number 12 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and students from Integrational Students Sports Club „Dziewiątka” (also from Tomaszów Mazowiecki). Those students are going to take part in skating workshops led by Luiza Złotkowska in the sports hall in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

-I'm so happy that so many schools and young people were interested in this contest. This lets us all look optimistic to the future of skating in Poland. I hope that there is going to be more initiatives towards promotion of my sport – the organizer says. „I Love Skates” contest is an initiative combining creativity of young people, whose goal is to commonly create a logotype of a sports competition (This year – Polish Speed Skating Championships), with involvement in skating and sports practice (wokrshops with proffesional athletes are the main prizes). The contest had its first incarnation in 2018, but it is an intention of the organizers for it to be an annual event.

Luiza Złotkowska is the main organizer of the contest, and most importantly a prominent ice skater. She is multiple Polish Championships medalist, she is also silver and bronze medalist of Winter Olympic Games, and medalist of Winter Universiade and World Championships.


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